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In South Central Ohio, in many ways God's Country, there's a real place called "Licking County". It's a simple place with good folk who you can always count on to treat you kind...

Except for a man named Sheriff Bob. He's a man who doesn't take kindly to "outsiders". And this is the story of my travellin buddy, Stu-Man, & me when we met up with this same Sheriff Bob - in beautiful Licking County.


We were cruisin in our pickup - a Bud between our legs
The sky was black & nasty as we sucked down the last dregs
When we saw those red lights flashin and heard that siren whine
We knew we wouldn't make it past - Licking County Line

That sheriff pulled us over - there was nothin we could do
We were starin down the barrel of a sawed-off .22
He growled "Get on your hands and knees - that'll be just fine!"
He wouldn't be happy til he saw us - licking county line

County line, county line - Licking County Line
You never quite forget the taste of that asphalt & grime
Your tongue starts burnin every time you see that sign - county line

He took us to the station house and beat us til we screamed
We never imagined anything like this in all our dreams
He said that there was only one way we could pay our fine
We knew that we would soon be out there - Licking County Line

County line, county line - Licking County Line
The paint they use for the double yellow takes a while to dry
My tongue starts burnin if I'm anywhere nearby - county line

He took us out to the interstate where no one was around
He grabbed a jar of cayenne pepper and poured it on the ground
He said "You boys know what to do and I don't want to hear you whine!
There's nothing I like more than seein you - licking county line!"

County line, county line - Licking County Line
Your toungue is still on fire from that asphalt & grime
Sheriff Bob he had us running tryin to find that sign - county line

1989 Stuart Sheppard-Christopher Hoyle

Gambier Folk Festival 1983